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Inbox by Gmail is the new messaging app developed by Google to manage your email in an even easier way, focusing exclusively on what's really important.

Inbox by Gmail has many new features, including the ability to postpone emails. This tool can postpone the opening of a message (with a corresponding reminder) to whenever you're ready to deal with it, without having to interact directly with the email in question.

Another very interesting tool is the group option, which lets you group similar messages so you can handle them all at once and get rid of them at a single stroke.

But perhaps the most interesting new feature in Inbox by Gmail is the reminders. How many times have you sent an email to yourself to remind yourself of something? Now you can do this much more easily.

Inbox by Gmail is one of those apps that makes your life easier. Managing your email with it is simply more straightforward and a lot faster.

At the moment you need an invitation to use Inbox by Gmail.


Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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